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Open Bliss ISEA 2009 in Belfast

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Speakers:>  Barbara Rauch & James Coupe & Kate Southworth & Kerstin Mey & Kwong Lee & Neal McDonald & Pam Skelton & Peter Richards & Pol McLernon & Simon Cutts

Three workshops in Belfast, 27th - 29th August 2009. Further documentation forthcoming.

Open Bliss is a series of workshops illuminating new media art and the practice of curating hosted by CRUMB, the online resource for curators of new media art ( CRUMB excels at creating informal, dialogical social settings for professional development, often involving a nice cup of tea. For ISEA09, each workshop involves special guests.

Thank You to Arts Council England, North East, for the generous support.

CRUMB Open Bliss Workshop 1: Participatory Practices

Thursday 27th August 3:00pm-4:30pm at Interface, University of Ulster, Belfast.

Hosted by Beryl Graham and Dominic Smith

Invited guests: James Coupe (artist), Kerstin Mey (University of Ulster)

Using the Polytechnic Random Information Exchange (, this workshop uses online and object-based information exchange in order to document a range of knowledge concerning participatory art projects. Are there recipes for successful participation?

CRUMB Open Bliss Workshop 2: Protective Zones

Friday 28th August 3:00pm-4:30pm at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast.

Hosted by Verina Gfader and Beryl Graham

Invited Guests: Simon Cutts (Coracle Press), Neal McDonald (, Pol McLernon (artist/architect), Barbara Rauch (Ontario College of Art & Design), Pam Skelton (Central Saint Martins), Kate Southworth (glorious ninth)

A discussion of curating with/in "zones of disturbance" (instead of working on z.o.d.), and the outer and inner spaces of curating. Is curating always a 'protective zone', working within an established territory? A Daily Paper will be produced at this event. The print media connects early forms of announcement and channels of distribution, such as the pamphlet, to current modes of circulation.

CRUMB Open Bliss Workshop 3: Local/Global

Saturday 29th August 3:00pm-4:30pm at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast.

Hosted by Sarah Cook and Axel Lapp

Invited guests: Peter Richards (Golden Thread), Kwong Lee (Castlefield Gallery, Manchester)

A conversation between curators, bringing together contemporary art and new media art concerning local/global practices.



  media art


  Sarah Cook
  Beryl Graham
  Verina Gfader
  Dominic Smith
  Kerstin Mey
  Axel Lapp
  James Coupe
  Barbara Rauch
  Pol McLernon
  Kate Southworth
  Neal McDonald
  Pam Skelton
  Simon Cutts
  Peter Richards
  Kwong Lee