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Franz Thalmair

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Franz Thalmair is an independent art critic and curator working primarily in the field of contemporary and media art. He studied Romance Philology and Linguistics at the Universities of Salzburg, Paris and Barcelona and holds a Ph.D. in Textlinguistics/Semiotics from the University of Salzburg. His work focuses on the intersections between language, art and technology, electronic literature, conceptual Internet-based art, site-specific art as well as visual arts practice in the public realm. Ultimately he explores the transfer of Internet-based art from the virtual to the real space. Currently based in Vienna/Austria, he co-founded CONT3XT.NET in 2006 with Michael Kargl (aka carlos katastrofsky) and Sabine Hochrieser. Run as a collaborative platform for the discussion and presentation of issues related to media art, projects include the book "Circulating Contexts: CURATING MEDIA/NET/ART" and exhibitions as recently "Timebased, In Principle"



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  Franz Thalmair