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Documenting New Media Art

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05 March 2008

14:00 - 15:00 > Documenting New Media Art: Caitlin Jones presentation
Speakers:  Caitlin Jones

15:00 - 16:00 > Documenting New Media Art: Breakout Groups
Speakers:  Amy Goring & Aruna Devi Bhaugeerutty & Beryl Graham & Caitlin Jones & Clymene Christoforou & Dominic Smith & Gary Malkin & Iain Pate & Ilana Mitchell & Isla Leaver Yap & Jo Ana Morfin & Julia Bell & Keiko Koshihara & Magda Tyzlik-Carver & Marta Rupérez & Matthew Hearn & Michelle Kasprzak & Rachel Baker & Sarah Cook & Sarah Boutell & Shaina Anand & Simon Bradshaw & Sophia Yadong Hao

16:00 - 17:00 > Documenting New Media Art: Feedback Session
Speakers:  Beryl Graham & Caitlin Jones & Gary Malkin & Iain Pate & Rachel Baker & Sarah Cook & Shaina Anand & Simon Bradshaw



  Sarah Cook
  Beryl Graham
  Michelle Kasprzak
  Dominic Smith
  Caitlin Jones
  Shaina Anand
  Rachel Baker
  Simon Bradshaw
  Gary Malkin
  Iain Pate
  Aruna Devi Bhaugeerutty
  Matthew Hearn
  Ilana Mitchell
  Julia Bell
  Sophia Yadong Hao
  Keiko Koshihara
  Isla Leaver Yap
  Marta Rupérez
  Magda Tyzlik-Carver
  Jo Ana Morfin
  Sarah Boutell
  Clymene Christoforou
  Amy Goring