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Interview: Interview with Peter Weibel, Chairman and CEO of the Zentrum fur Kunst und Medientechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany.

... For the first time with the net, the spectator and the work are dislocated, separate; they don't share the same space...

Interview: A conversation between Kathy Rae Huffman and Julie Lazar.

...are doing. The time required to become familiar with individual art works, and the large number of artists in the field pressurizes the situation by sheer volume. When curators who exhibit new media ar...

Interview: An interview with Matthew Gansallo

... Just before this time last year [December 1999] I was in the United States researching dot.coms, the business side of it, how people are buying things online, to see the workings of it...

Interview: New media, 'community art', and activism. Interviews with Natalie Bookchin and Brendan Jackson.

... the normal brief time it takes to consume art objects, and to mingle with others on and off line...

Interview: Multi-Multi-Media: an interview with Barbara London

... And at that time which department at MoMA was managing the website? Who were you sending them back to? BL: I’ll roll back a bit...

Interview: An interview with Larry Rinder

... I was at that time (the California College of Arts and Crafts – I ran something called the CCAC Institute, a kunsthalle-like space, in Oakland and San Francisco)...

Interview: An interview with Christiane Paul

... for quite some time - mostly curators at institutions who wanted to get into this field but didn't have any idea of where to start...

Interview: An interview with Benjamin Weil.

...that there was a time issue, and there was also something about the fact that yes, I was comfortable with all those things because I had worked with this long enough and could start instinctively saying w...

Interview: Small Enough ... an interview with Liane Davison

... them, and from time to time, when we need a venue that’s not a white box, we can book one of the theatres...

Interview: Critical Curatorial Cybermedia course: an interview with Liliane Schneiter

...The very first time we were on a discussion thread on the NY with artist Rainer Ganahl was exciting –...

Interview: Videotage Hong Kong: An interview with Ellen Pau

... At the same time I explored a lot of experimental film, trying to understand what the medium is, what the concept is, and I started to realise that there’s a whole bunch of visual artists that have moved t...

Interview: Interventionism and Revolution

... I spent a lot of time trying to question the formal issues that related to art, probably far more time than was necessary, or was good for me...

Interview: Régine Debatty

... I had tons of time to kill at the office and met this guy, Max, who had crafted some artistic application for mobile phones that he used in performances...

Interview: Interview with Michele Thursz.

... blogging all the time and think it's just chatting with each other...

Interview: Interview with Laura Fernández & Marcos García.

...And why that time structure? MG: We thought of two weeks because two weeks is long enough to develop a project or a prototype, and it's not that much time if people cannot stay away ...

Interview: Interview with Nathalie Anglès and Sebastien Sanz de Santamaria.

... a lot of the time a resident will come and they have their own tools, their own way of doing things, especially when it’s media based...

Interview: Interview with Magdalena Sawon and Tamas Banovich.

... but at the same time they have to live off something; they have families, etc...

Interview: Interview with Michael Mandiberg.

... enclosure" at the time to describe it, these are the words I would use now...

Interview: Interview with Rudolf Frieling.

... concept. The time to prepare the show was short, space was definitely limited, but the diversity of works functioned as a reflection on the conditions of participation...

Interview: Interview with Miki Fukuda.

... a maker the next time they attend...

Interview: Interview with Yukiko Shikata.

... I thought it was time to restart my activities, because I felt the moment of a fundamental shift now in the second decade of the 21C...

Interview: An interview with Alessandro Ludovico

... and at the same time it is the oldest interface for cultural objects we have had, dating back 500 years...

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