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Presentation: Curating New Media Art: Welcome and introductions

... First of all, a very warm welcome to all of you, to this three-day seminar and to St...

Presentation: "Art And Money Online" and video for instance became accommodated by the museum, many would say that they changed too much in their transformation into familiar looking works of art and the museum didn’t change enough...

Presentation: Tamas Banovich, Postmasters Gallery, NY.

... time to accept video art as a practice as well and it something to do with the relationship of media art to the art world or the art market, and levels of acceptance of certain kinds of practice...

Presentation: Matt Locke: The Media Centre, Huddersfield

... applicable to film/video environments.Through this research, The Arts Council wanted to establish how they might best support these spaces...

Presentation: Clive Gillman FACT Centre, Liverpool

... festival of video and new media work...

Presentation: Carol Stenakas: Anchorage / CreativeTime, New York a touring ‘video truck’ and on milk cartons and cover very immediate issues like domestic violence. The ‘Leap' project was a site specific installation for 2 Columbus Circle (originally built as a museu...

Presentation: Introductory Remarks the 80s and in video art; it’s moved on quite a lot since then! I’ve remained quite interested in this field over the years, but also in my capacity as a newly appointed curator of contempora...

Presentation: Production: Nichola Feldman-Kiss

... to internet video develop distribution technology...

Presentation: Production: Michelle Kasprzak (artist, co-curator of year.01, Toronto)

... was to present video in a different sense, in a sense that was in a public realm...

Presentation: Distribution: Discussion computer, doing video editing, the last thing that I want to do when I have time off is surf my computer with my mouse and keyboard and look at that screen.” I think that in Montreal we’ve ha...

Presentation: Consumption: Jean Gagnon Presentation

... film by artists, video art, as well as some of the historical avant-garde of the first part of the twentieth-century...

Presentation: Consumption: Liane Davison (Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC)

... responsible for a video exhibition and the projector breaks...

Presentation: A new test presentation

... test...

Presentation: Space and Time: Space

...Mike Kelley’s video was a component of a larger installation in which a computer animation of the city of Kandor was projected in the gallery; and a collection of architectural models of various buildings f...

Presentation: Space and Time: Audience

... one of the first video art programmes anywhere in the world (I later became curator there, myself)...

Presentation: Space and Time: Discussion

... has mentioned how video (and live art) is a time-based medium, but also how that interactive artworks are rather different to this more familiar curatorial approach...

Presentation: Consumption: Discussion and Concluding Remarks

... very much what a video jockey does, but in a manner that is much more rich...

Presentation: Beryl Graham: Summary of


Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Feedback Session

... done time line video art in the UK for example not artists from the UK, and placing certain key moments over the last twenty, thirty years...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Caitlin Jones presentation

... and this is his video game work, this is probably his most famous work...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Breakout Groups

... A (Artists) Notes from Breakout session...

Presentation: Blissful Dialogues at ISEA08 in Singapore [forthcoming]

... media art/video programs and touring exhibitions that were presented in 28 countries...

Presentation: In Dialogue: Video Time, Real Time

... time signatures of video and new media been critically identified by curators? Chair: Charlie Gere...

Presentation: Summary in Real Time (discussion prompted by Oliver Laric and Guthrie Lonegan and Michael Connor; notes relayed by Michael Connor) History of how new media forms become recognised, is there a crisis of digital techno...

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