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Distribution and Dissemination Workshop: Feedback from Break Out Groups and Discussion

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Speakers:>  Ajay RS Hothi & Marialaura Ghidini & Robert Sakrowski & Roger McKinley & Sarah Cook & Victoria Bradbury

For each of the groups (Artists, Art Organisations, Curators) the leader and the chair summarized the discussion and ideas shared at their table during the break out session.

Below are some notes from feedback:

Artists Group led by Ajay RS Hothi:

How does operate? does not do 'exhibitions' - it's a site for failure and experimentation, it
retains online programming of curated exhibitions as core purpose.

Networking is core practice of, but how successful is the web for maintaining communities?

Watching an online video forces people to slow down; viewing habits online very idiosyncratic; the challenge for is to establish and reestablish trust on an ongoing basis.'s content not searchable on Google because of the way it is built and the way the director wants it to be the site is very flat and the content has to be explored through the site itself, there are no links to social networks.

Art Organisations Group led by Roger McKinley:

How does FACT operate? is a platform for the arts, not a curated space.

It aims to create new strategies for creating content, creating a convergence of spaces, re-deploying content with new people and organisations. research suggested that only 36 percent of arts organisations are publishing videos to their own websites. is about the arts organisations - how do you manage the breadth of them and encourage them to do advocacy work for artists?

Future of co-commissioning, IPTV, looking for new ways of presentation great art to everyone.

Curators group led by Robert Sakrowski:

How does operate?

It uses curating as a technique of action, a means of orientation. On YouTube a playlist is curating by default.

In the post-industrial, post-media age the relation of production to distribution is changing, e.g. ebooks are twice as many sold as paperbacks

Why and how is our media landscape changing? But a more important question is what does it mean for us?

Netart dissolves social relations - the web as the medium of net art is subversive: free and equal, non-centralized, it offers unregulated exchange and distribution of information.

Private and public digital networks are under question.

Concepts of author and original justify the unequal and unjust distribution of property

curatingyoutubeBOX is a temporary infrastructure for showing online moving image work, including hardware.





  Sarah Cook
  Ajay RS Hothi
  Roger McKinley
  Robert Sakrowski
  Victoria Bradbury
  Marialaura Ghidini