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Nina Czegledy

nina czegledy
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An independent media artist, curator and writer, Nina Czegledy divides her time between Canada and Europe. Digitized Bodies, Virtual Spectacles is the most recent collaborative project conceptualized an curated by Czegledy, presents a series of on-line and on-site events in Canada, Hungary and Slovenia. Czegledy is a founding member of CriticalMedia, the Digibodies Collective and the Absolute_Choice Curatorial Collective. Czegledy is currently President of ISEA. Her latest interactive digital works include the CD ROMS: Digitized Bodies, Aurora, Aurora. The Crossing Over Workshop/Media Residency nomadic project co-curated with Iliyana Nedkova had six editions since 1996. The ongoing Aurora Universalis collaboration with Stephen Kovats was initiated in 1997. Recent curating projects include the touring exhibitions of electronic art installations: Choice , Sweden 1999, Touch:Touche Toronto, Montreal, Regina,1999, Gisele Trudel, Toronto 1999, Aurora, Toronto, 1998) Over the last ten years Czegledy made several videoshorts and curated over twenty international media art/video programs and touring exhibitions presented in 28 countries. Czegledy published widely both in Europe and North America.



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