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Kathleen Pirrie-Adams
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KATHLEEN PIRRIE ADAMS is the Program Director of InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre a non-profit artist-run production and presentation centre in Toronto. She also teaches theory courses in Ryerson University's New Media program. Kathleen completed her BA at the University of Toronto (Cinema Studies) and did her graduate studies at York University in the Social and Political Thought Program. Her curatorial collaborations with Deirdre Logue and Amanda Ramos have included a number of projects, many of which have been presented at the Images Festival. Other recent projects at InterAcess has included Willy le Maitre and Eric Rosensweig's Appearance Machine, Istvan Kantor's Intercourse, and Game Girls, a group show focusing on gender and games. In July she curated Steve Mann's Prior Art: Art of Record for Personal Safety at Toronto Photographers Workshop .





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