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Jean Gagnon

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Jean Gagnon has been Director of Programs at the Daniel Langlois Foundation since February 1998. As such he developed the foundation's programs, elaborated the adjudication processes, and established its international profile. From 1991 to 1998 Mr. Gagnon was Associate Curator of Media Arts at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa where he was responsible for the media arts exhibition program (film, video and new media), for acquiring works for the National Gallery's contemporary arts and media arts Collections, and for research and publications on the media arts. During this period, he commissioned several works of art for the National Gallery, such as Red Dice (2000) by Bill Seaman and Charged Hearts (1997) by Catherine Richards, acting, on these occasions, as producer of the works. Exhibitions that he curated in Ottawa include: Daniel Dion: Path, Vera Frenkelů From the Transit Bar, Video and Orality, Video Sonority: Video Born of Noise, Lynn Hershman: Virtually Yours and Luc Courchesne: Interactive Portraits. He also organized retrospectives of major film directors, including Gilles Groulx: A Fierce Cinema, Ousmane Sembene, and Carlos Diegues: Of Brazil, Cinema and Sambas. From 1988 to 1991, he worked as Media Arts Officer and Interim Head of the Media Arts Section at the Canada Council for the Arts, where he was responsible for the Council grants to artists and arts organizations using electronic media.



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