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Cornelia Sollfrank
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Cornelia Sollfrank (Celle/Berlin/Hamburg) is an artist who makes conceptual and performative works in 'mixed media' concerning the relation between art and politics, the subversive potential of new media art, the gender-specific handling of technology and networking and communication as art. She was a member of the collectives 'frauen-und-technik' and '-Innen,' and initiated the Cyberfemininist alliance known as Old Boys Network. Her project 'female extension' (1997) was a hack of the first competition initiated by a museum, in which she flooded the museum's network with submissions by 300 virtual female net artists. Her ' generator' automatically produces art on demand. Her most recent project 'Improved tele-vision' is an intervention in Arnold Schoenberg's composition 'Verklaerte Nacht' and consists of two parts: an online audio platform, as well as a sound installation. Sollfrank published the 'first cyberfeminist international' (1988) and 'next cyberfeminist international' (1999) readers. In 1999/2000 she produced a body of work on the subject of 'women hackers'. She is currently continuing to work on the idea of 'generative art', and is co-developer of the 'pool-prj'. [SC 2003]


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  Cornelia Sollfrank