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Interview: An interview with Matthew Gansallo
... of information, press and publicity, and department of development. SC: Can we talk about each? MG: Yes...

Interview: New media, 'community art', and activism. Interviews with Natalie Bookchin and Brendan Jackson.
... WTO distributed a press release harshly criticizing gatt.orgfor being "deceptive", thus assisting rtmark in bringing even more public and media attention to our site...

Interview: An interview with Benjamin Weil.
... in getting the press to have a critical position about the differences between media arts...

Interview: Interventionism and Revolution
... most of the press was from the mass media, such as The New York Times, The Village Voice, or Time Out NY and so forth...

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Presentation: Matthew Gansallo, webworks for the Tate.
...the marketing, press and promotions departments because, just to take a question that came up from the audience at some point, we didn’t want them to say that artworks were going out that no one knows about...

Presentation: Thomson and Craighead Presentation
... that when the press release went out, we had no idea that we were being promoted by the words, ‘Intel Presents…’...

Presentation: Consumption: Discussion and Concluding Remarks
... and we try to compress in as much as possible which was a tall order and maybe too much...

Presentation: Mark Tribe Presentation
... it this way in the press release or a catalogue or anything like that, but I feel that in a way this show is an art project, of which I am the artist in a sense...

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Profile: Beryl Graham
... Graham is Professor of New Media Art at the School of Arts, Design and Media, University of Sunderland, and co-editor of CRUMB...

Profile: Gregory Sholette
... Sholette is an artist, writer, activist and founding member of Political Art Documentation and Distribution (PAD/D), and REPOhistory...

Profile: CRUMB’ve curated new media art you’re unlikely to curate anything else the same way again." Building on research into curating new media art since 1993 at the University of Sunderland, CRUMB was founded by Beryl Graham ...

Profile: Gavin Wade
... Wade is an artist-curator, Publisher of Strategic Questions and Director of Eastside Projects, Birmingham...

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Download: SFMOMA research project.
... research project...

Download: 2001 03 (Mar): The Role Of New Media Art Education And ‘Interpretation’
... 03 (Mar): The Role Of New Media Art Education And ‘Interpretation’ Developing from the March debate on big institutions, including the aesthetics of interpretation (5600 words)...

Download: 2006 04 (Apr): Art and Activism
... 04 (Apr): Art and Activism Self-organisation, direct action, collaboration and social networks (7300 words) uploads/reports/200608011557116activismrtf...

Download: 2001 03 (Mar): Big Media Art: New Media Art In Large Institutions
... 03 (Mar): Big Media Art: New Media Art In Large Institutions Does size matter? Some recent shows at the Whitney and SFMOMA are discussed (8300 words). uploads/reports/20060801155811big.rtf...

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Links: Curating New Media Art: SFMOMA and 010101

... Graham, including press and audience feedback...

Discussion List Postings

List Posting: Call for Exhibition Proposals -- Art Interactive, Boston
From: Christiane Paul <Christiane_Paul@WHITNEY.ORG>

... ----------------------------- Call for Exhibition Proposals Art Interactive in Cambridge , MA , invites curators to submit exhibition proposals for the 2005-06 season...

List Posting: Re: Desperate situation for New Media funding in Australia
From: snagglepussy <snagglepussy@SNAGGLEPUSSY.NET>

... I have been lurking for a while so should introduce myself...

List Posting: NEW FORMS FESTIVAL 2004 -Live Netcast of Performance Event "Sonic
From: Camille <camib@TELUS.NET>

...PRESS RELEASE ____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________ Live Internet Broadcast of The New Forms Festival "Sonic Design" Thursday October 14th @ 8:30PM Web Lin...

List Posting: Re: definitions - Rosalind is Born.
From: marc <marc.garrett@FURTHERFIELD.ORG>

...*Rosalind is Born .* *Rosalind ,* an upstart new media art lexicon , has just been born following a sheltered 9 month gestation . http://www .furtherfield .org/gestation/ Feed Rosalind with your own words and defin...

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