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Presentation: Tamas Banovich, Postmasters Gallery, NY.

... work. From the technical standpoint at that moment it was quite an undertaking to figure it out for a gallery which used to hang paintings...

Presentation: Matt Locke: The Media Centre, Huddersfield

... to the development of MEDIALOUNGE. Arts Council of England commissioned research into why new spaces specifically created for new media are needed...

Presentation: Hannah Redler: C-Plex, Sandwell

... to be too visibly technical and want to employ some invisible technologies and sensor based work...

Presentation: Introductory Remarks

... Nicola and her technical crew especially Rome...

Presentation: Production: Nichola Feldman-Kiss

... took care of the technical installation and coordination of the IT for last night...

Presentation: Production: Michelle Kasprzak (artist, co-curator of year.01, Toronto)

... class=Section1> Michelle Kasprzak I’m just going to try and restart again to see if I can coax the Internet out of this cable, but in the meantime I’ll just introduce myself and get going...

Presentation: Distribution: Skawennati Tricia Fragnito (curator, cyberpowwow, Montreal)

... they don’t have a technical person on staff...

Presentation: Distribution: Discussion

... the same level of technical know-how or computers – they had one computer with access to the Internet...

Presentation: Consumption: Jean Gagnon Presentation

...- financial, technical and human - and on top of that being the National Gallery of Canada and Canada as a country having certain fictions - national fictions under the flags of Innis, Grant, McLuhan - fict...

Presentation: Consumption: Liane Davison (Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC)

... for TECH-BC (a technical university, which has since been absorbed into Simon Fraser University), which is exclusively devoted to digital media practices including an interactive arts programme...

Presentation: Space and Time: Audience

... I wouldn’t say in technical processes, but…for example, sculptures made with light and unusual photographically-made works...

Presentation: Consumption: Discussion and Concluding Remarks

... of having a technical question to talking more about what artists are capable of doing and what role that they served...

Presentation: On being curated: Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie

...Commissioned [...] you can probably guess the challenges faced by those who commission us: perhaps the initial horror for a curator is that our work is expensive - in terms of time - our work always evolves from ext...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Feedback Session

...or with the technical staff, and if there’s a conservation department, or with the library and archivist? It’s a big job, and is it shared or is it one person’s job? And then the other thing I thought that ...

Presentation: Documenting New Media Art: Caitlin Jones presentation

...of materials, technical specifications, equipment manuals for the kind of projector that was used, lists of technicians who worked on it, lists of people who service these kinds of documents, technica...

Presentation: Discussion of Reports, Summary and Farewells

...and share technical networks Develop shared knowledge banks including a contracts database and the contract of care rather than ownership Amazing that today we didn’t talk about why we should or shouldn’t...

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